Nature-Based Counselling with Barbara is now available here in Victoria, on Vancouver Island BC.

HSP, SPS (highly sensitive persons and sensory processing sensitivities), grief, loss, transition, anxiety, depression and more, are assisted with nature therapy amongst the trees, breeze, and scents of nature that the public parks offer with safety, accessibility, and local expectations.

Incorporating nature as a co-therapist is an exciting and creative opportunity! Like other therapies, your narrative (or story), your perspective, your context, and your relationships are all structures that are part of  new understanding and meaning within this therapy.

The sessions involve one or more of these pathways:

The 5 Senses Pathway

Exploring meditative mindfulness and the opportunity it brings for your senses to slowly explore how you see, feel, smell, taste, and hear nature’s detail and precision.

The Gratitude Pathway

Being a part of the beauty, design and connection that nature offers.

The Symbolism and Metaphorical Pathway

To solve and resolve human issues and needs, such as ‘becoming unstuck; deciding or choosing; making meaning with life and death, loss, and great change; learning and teaching.

The Tree Pathway

To bend and not break; to hold and nurture a human; and to heal emotionally and physically.

The Sea Pathway

To manage power, patience, change, expectations, and connection to healing.