People with Highly Sensitive Personality (HSP) Traits and / Empathic Personalities are part of about 30% of our population and include people of any age and gender. If you experience this type of personality trait, you may benefit from talking to Barbara about managing the associated aspects and feelings of HSP.

Anxiety; fatigue due to intense stimulating environments; feeling ‘different’; feeling too much energy that is not your own; and wondering if you are just exaggerating or making up what you feel and experience; are negative responses to HSP. The positive side is about love, beauty, and knowing the detail, complexity and depth in this world and the creatures that are a part of it.

Counselling for HSP and Empathic personalities may range from 3 sessions to 5 months of biweekly sessions. It depends on more details associated with the feelings of anxiety or difference; and what is influencing and nurturing your management of these traits. There is discussion and optional homework and choices.