Couple and Inter-Relationship Counselling is available for people struggling to change or end a significant relationship; or family members struggling with communication; parenting issues; or for people working through inter-relationship issues associated with gender, age, or significant change circumstances such as health, or employment.

Skills such as listening, whether to the other person or having someone really listen to you; or considering where the other person ‘is coming from, and taking a moment to express empathy toward them, are priceless skills in relationship counselling.

Another communication skill is managing both the emotion and the content in dialogue and conversations. This is often not easy because each person communicates in their own learned way.

Couple counselling sessions are 60- 90-minute sessions and usually involve sessions over 1 or 3 months. There is benefit to homework in between sessions. Within the sessions, you will discover what is happening in your relationship; and when necessary, Barbara is able to guide you along to specific marriage/partnership counsellors if longer term specific therapy work is necessary.