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Lighten Up Your Life! Seasonal Affective Disorder

Posted on 17 November, 2016 at 19:00
Lighten up Your Life! Seasonal Affective Disorder It is really difficult for most of us to get through the grey, dark winter days of November to March in this part of the world. And not surprisingly, if symptoms of depression are a part of your life, this is an extremely difficult time of the year and you have to live through a lot of invisible pain that many people cannot understand. Feeling changes such as a loss in energy, focus, concentration, passions, and hope; and increases in feelings of stress, worry and guilt, are typical symptoms. Knowing about Seasonal Affective (or Adjustment) Disorder SAD - may be a key to happier days. For example, do you feel better in the spring and summer when the days are longer and brighter and there is increased light to soak up? Accessing more light into your life is quite possible and can be done with light bulbs/boxes (compared to several expensive vacations in the tropics)! Women and the presence of SAD in your family appear to be a higher risk for developing SAD. Dr. Norman Rosenthal and his associates looked at SAD and published their findings in 1984. Check out his website www.normanrosental.com It is important to know if your symptoms of depression are related to bipolar mood disorder and if so, treatment is not quite the same. Adjusting just the right amount of light into your day differs between individuals. Interventions for Seasonal Affective Disorder include Introducing more light with light boxes; Talking to a counsellor; Acknowledging and managing stress; Doing your best to maintain healthy daily routines with sleeping, eating, exercising; Discussing short term antidepressant medication with your GP As well, check out the Canadian Mental Health Association site www.cmha.bc.ca . The information makes SAD easier to understand which in turn, makes it easier to talk to your GP or a counsellor about the symptoms you are experiencing and your ideas to brighten your days. Introducing a light therapy box into your life may not be difficult or too expensive. Again the internet has information for you to begin your understanding and start a discussion with your counsellor or doctor. (Just google Seasonal Affective Disorder light therapy boxes). There are great Canadian and American companies to find and order a light box; Amazon displays some prices for you. So....while the grey days of November to March are upon us, if you are experiencing symptoms of depression that you do not seem to have in the spring and summer, talk to your GP or counsellor about Seasonal Affective Disorder. Barbara Gilmore

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